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are binary options legal

Binary Options Trader in 10 Steps

Binary Options are a financial product appeared in July 2008 in the Chicago exchange. Simple to use, the binary options trading has helped democratize the market for digital options to retail investors.

After a few years of existence, we can see that it is a real success. Indeed, the number of binary option online traders and trading at dedicated sites is impressive. The reasons for this success are obvious:

  • the binary option trading online is proving simple, it is to bet on the rise or on the decline in the price of an asset at a specified date,
  • it is no longer necessary to go through his bank or call to place orders. You can trade from your home, office or on your smartphone ,
  • the gains are very important due to leverage. Some brokers offer return rates of up to 90%
  • the minimum deposit to access the Forex market assets and is small,
  • it is possible to trade 7 days / 7 and 24/24

The principle of binary option trading online seduced by its simplicity. Just bet on the fluctuations of assets . If your bet wins, you win gains of up to 90% of your bet. However, if your trade loses, you lose your entire bet. Some brokers nevertheless refund part of your losses (15% maximum). Trader Assets are many and varied, you can invest in commodities, stocks, bonds, currencies or stock indices.

Binary Option Online Presentation Of Various Options

Your broker offers a binary option trading platform online after registration. It will allow you to place your trades and offer you different options that you must know and master:

  • option High (or Call): bet on the rise in assets,
  • Low option (or put): bet on the decline in the price of the asset,
  • Zone option (or Range): determining a price area in which the course will remain or not during a fixed period,
  • One touch option : determine a target value of the asset over to a fixed date,
  • No touch option : unlike the One Touch option, a trader sets a price the price of the asset should not reach before the contract expiration Duke.

It is advisable for novice traders to start with the Call and Put options before using the other options. 
The binary option trading online currently has the wind in its sails for all the reasons mentioned above. To increase your chances to place winning trades and enrich you, it is wise to know the different options provided by your platform.