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are binary options legal


If the binary option trading I am sure that what you are new start trying to figure out exactly what to do and You are afraid of losing the money you have invested. I know this because binary options, I feel exactly the same thing when I first started. 

Binary option trading what first started with $ 500 in January 2011 and this figure has limitations and for me. $ 500 going to spend more than a dollar. I made ​​the first trading binary options company Option Rally was. Option Rally 's I did not have the slightest idea what is good or bad. Just gave me more professional and reliable impression than others. After opening my account register and Option Rally 'in the research and investment directed me to a customer representative will give direction to individual brokers. I made ​​my first trade in line with what I get ideas from them.

The more popular and because I thought it was easy to be followed EUR / USD high - I do transactions with low option. I have received a lasting half an hour binary options contract to put down $ 100 and thirty minutes of the end of the first $ 180 I had! I could not believe. 

Because excess risk-taking does not like making a market for a while, I decided to follow after getting my first income. EUR / USD is risky and I decided that active option transactions did a great stake in the company that I have received, I decided to practice on option contracts. Of course, the biggest reason I give my decision, I have earned $ 80 that's now lost almost 3 times in a row. This was a good lesson to me. Now, because of my totally personal investment property option transactions did it GOOG and APPLE I'm doing on the shares of major companies such. Investments my I have invested after the start of orientation in this way $ 500 for two months in the $ 2,500 I just got off and little can be called my investment if I'm experienced losses helped me always wins. 

This is my binary option trading is the way I do. Binary option trading, or experience. As with any investment, binary options also contains a certain amount of risk themselves. Binary option trading after the start what allow some time for yourself. Follow the market and try to see what is best for you. Try it, test it. After having some experience I am sure that binary option trading will provide very high gain from the. I wish you plenty of benefits.